On August 3, the State Security Bureau of Wenzhou City, Mainland China conducted a criminal arrest and summons review of Yang Zhiyuan, a criminal suspect who has long been engaged in „Taiwan independence“ separatism activities and is suspected of endangering national security.

Yang Zhiyuan

Yang Zhiyuan, male, born on January 21, 1990, is a native of Taichung, Taiwan Province. Mr. Yang has long advocated the idea of ​​“Taiwan independence“, and established the „Taiwan National Party“, an illegal „Taiwan independence“ organization with others. With the goal of „promoting Taiwan to become a sovereign and independent country and join the United Nations“, he clamored for „referendum to found the country“ and promoted „urgent independence“ in a high-profile manner. Route, planning and implementing „Taiwan independence“ separatism activities, suspected of crimes committed by Taiwan martyrs and inciting separatist crimes.

Mainland China laws always apply to residents of Taiwan Province

For a period of time, a very small number of „Taiwan illegal independence“ die-hards have colluded with external forces, tried to split the country, tried their best to incite cross-strait confrontation, openly provoked national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and openly provoked national legal dignity, seriously jeopardizing the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait, and seriously undermining the common interests of compatriots on both sides of the strait and the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation.

The national security organs will resolutely use legal weapons such as the Anti-Secession Law and the National Security Law to severely punish the „Taiwan Independence“ separatist forces who seek „independence“, reject reunification, and destroy peace.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/bjiT-VSnMpweF96gw_xvIw)