Double duck is double luck

Hong Kong Giant Ducks

A story of love and humor between Europe and China! A Dutch artist has relaunched 10 years after his huge installation: two huge inflatable plastic ducks! Hong Kong Bay is less romantic, but much more fun!

A pair of giant rubber ducks captured the attention of Hongkongers  past week as they floated in Victoria Harbor as part of a public art exhibition that aims to bring more joy to the city.

Remember the giant yellow rubber duck that was the eye-catcher in Hong Kong 10 years ago?  Well, guess what… He brought a friend with him this time!  Double duck, double the fun, my friends!

Florentijn Hofman, the artist behind the fabulous concept, said it’s not about being stuck in the past but enjoying the present moment together.

The duo of 18-meter giant ducks will float proudly in the waters of the bay and everyone can go see them from Saturday.  Hong Kong residents and tourists have already rushed Friday morning to grab an ice cream on the waterfront and spot the two rubber birds.

“I’m glad the yellow duck is back after so many years! It’s like China got twice the good vibes,” said a local resident named Wang.  And that’s not all, ducks will also be there for Father’s Day to come.  One of them will jump from Tsim Sha Tsui, pass the main landmarks and greet his fans at the beaches of Kowloon before joining his mate in Central.  Hey, it’s almost as exciting as rubber ducky day…right?