Germany, an attractive country for Chinese students?


Yu-Xuan Lu is a biology researcher in Cologne and is enthusiastic about the working conditions. His point of view is interesting for us because it is about the European reputation in technology! Because this brilliant and demanding student from Guangzhou already has some ideas for improving ourselves! A German site conducted his interview to discover his view of the Max Planck Institute in Cologne.

In 2014, i Yu-Xuan Lu arrived with his wife from Guangzhou in Germany and, from the very beginning, the institute provided him with assistance at all levels: with visa issues, finding accommodation and settling in. . In the meantime, the couple have two children!

Yu-Xuan has settled in well in Cologne, a vibrant and open city, and enjoys carnival and local specialties such as “Himmel und Ääa” (fried black pudding with onions, applesauce and mashed potatoes).

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling – preferably to the Baltic Sea island of Rügen – taking photos and giving cross-cultural training courses. In the laboratory, he looks into the question of how to live healthier and longer… A very Chinese question: longevity.

The Chinese make up the largest community of foreign students in Germany. Why ? For Yu-Xuan, one of the advantages of Germany in the international university competition is that there are no study costs… And then, after the studies, Germany offers many possibilities with large organizations research and with its world-renowned companies. Chinese students can develop their career in this way…

But then everything is perfect? For Yu-Xuan, Germany is a very attractive country for foreign students but it should do more to retain talent. Currently he has offers from China and the United States but not from Germany!

A paradox?