DR AHMED BILAL  is a Canadian National (born in Cachemire) and double Gold Medalist in the fields of Natural Eye Therapy and Natural Healing, certified in the USA and having studied vastly in Hong Kong( before 1997), China and the USA. He has in the last 20 years mastered the art of Holistic Face Reading and Vision improvement and has now become a renowned expert and sought after Healer in these fields. His motto ? Our faces are designed such that they change with our bodies, whatever we encounter inside surfaces itself on our faces…

After his speech at European Parliament, on the 27 Jun, LHCH had the chance to interview him at the  Brussels TCM center of the Chinese Dr Tao Liling, Vice President of Belgium Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

LHCH : What is the knowledge behind this fantastic capacity to read on the face the actual , hidden or futur  problems of the body  ? 

Dr Ahmed Bilab: First. I insist here is no connexion with Ayurvedic technics from India. Second, after my studies in Hong Kong and Chine, I went to USA to learn different natural technics to treat  eyes’ problems without any chemical medicine. 

Then I develop my own holistic diagnostic method to reading the human face. Now Im registered in England, Canada, Spain, also for TCM treatments. 

Actually, our faces are designed such that they change with our bodies, whatever we encounter inside surfaces itself on our faces. Every organ in our body is attached to our faces from the forehead down to the chin. Inner happiness brings glow to the face, while depression brings darkness, and so on. Being able to identify these areas on our faces, we will be able to maintain and heal our bodies internally.

LHCH : Chine  traditionnel  Medicine also had this kind of method to read the face ? Where you inspired by Chine medicine ?

Dr Ahmed Bilab: Yes,Chinese TCM created a real Face Mapping where everything is connected.

LHCH : What is the idea behind ?

Dr Ahmed Bilab: You know, the eyes never lie and the face tells all. It is true that the eyes are the window to the soul and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is the map which decodes the mind, body, and soul’s silent language. We’ve all experienced this in some way or another – non-verbal exchanges to others passing by, tired eyes exhibiting a sleepless night, and the basic idea of body language. We all know that the face is, in some way or another, a mirror to the outer world which showcases our inner realm. Though this sounds all very esoteric and mystical, the basic underlying truth is that our exterior bodily appearance is connected to our internal body. This isn’t news to the ancient people of China. Traditional Chinese Medicine has sought to answer two basic questions; what is a human being and what is the Natural world? In this 5,000 plus year pursuit, it has been discovered that they are one and the same. In other words, the human body is a biological being that is akin to Mother Earth – a microcosm, if you will. In this observation and discovery, we have since come to understand many things. One of those is that like our Planet, our body is also very interconnected. It is basic knowledge that the quality of our water affects the soil, which affects the food and eventually all living beings. Nature operates on this basic law of Cause and Effect.

Gradually I developed my now method and also grasped from Islamic old traditional medicine.

LHCH : So what is the difference between your method and the  Chinese one to read the face ?

Dr Ahmed Bilab: I studied so many faces in my life I read instantly the face and its problems. Where does the disease come from ! TCM is working step by step by step. I saw that in the past when I go to China learning technics, observing Chinese doctors, every 6 months. I also gave conferences, from Beijing to Guangzhou!

LHCH : What kind of patients do you treat ?

Dr Ahmed Bilab : I am invited all over the world to help people who, in general, are struck by chronic diseases of civilization, very difficult to treat by conventional medicine… Tumor, cancers, back problems. When they call me they are usually desperate. They have tried everything, but nothing has helped them.I give them herbal formulas. I also invented a special glass  for water, thought according to the theory of the 5 elements of the TCM, in particular.„ I can also improve eyesight, without contact lenses,  in a purely natural way.

LHCH: Dr. Tao. We are here at you acupuncture center of Rue de la Montagne 43, Brussels. Thank you for welcoming. Have you any  question for Dr Ahmed Bilal ? 

Dr Tao Liling : I will first introduce myself. I studied at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine between 1979 and 1984.  I worked as a doctor at the hospital and taught at the university until 1994. Since 1994 I have lived and worked in Belgium and currently have over 35 years of experience in TCM.  So Dr Bilal what was your academic itinerary ?

Dr Ahmed Bilab : I first study TCM in Hon Kong ( before 1the handover of 1997), then went on study it in Canada and USA. My knowledge comes essentially from my multiple human experiences in the world. In Kashmir, I had not first studied classical medicine at university. But I went a lot to China. For example, I practiced Face reading at Guangzhou, Canton Fair ! 

Dr Tao Liling : As President  of the Belgian TCM Association , I can organise some lectures with you or about your method. You will meet the Chinese doctors that belong to our association and feeling if any collaboration is possible.

LHCH: Dr Bilal, do you also practice TCM with your patients ?

Dr Ahmed Bilab : Thank your Dr Tao. Yes, definitely, I can work online sending video to help to treat themselves with my original acupuncture approach? For example, I created a technic with toothpick. Put at  the good places ( we send the points by emails, after the video conference), it also works ! For sure, I can read the face from online videos.

LHCH: Thank you very much Dr Tao and Dr Bilal for your precious information.  Last question : How do you see the future of Chinese and Asian therapeutic methods, in general, in Europe?

Dr Ahmed Bilal :  I am sure Dr Tao is ok with this idea : Despite still resistance from Western medicine to our practices, insurance companies are beginning to reimburse our consultations. In Canada, in Germany, perhaps less in Belgium. This proves a beginning of worldwide recognition. And anyway, sick people know what they are doing by coming to us voluntarily, with enthusiasm and a high success rate, even if we do not yet have proof according to purely Western scientific methods.Dr Tao Liling : Yes, I agree ( laughs).