How Does The US Lead Farce Of The Second Traceability Of The Origin Of COVID-19 End?


On 30 March 2021, the joint WHO-China study pointed out that transmission of the virus from animals to humans is the most reasonable explanation of the origins of the pandemic, and Wuhan’s laboratory leak is extremely unlikely.

On the same day, the United States published a joint statement signed by 13 countries to demand a new and fast investigation on the source of COVID-19 in China based on the main hypothesis that China’s violation of laboratory procedures caused virus leakage.

On 15 July, under continuous political pressure, Tedros Adhanom Gherbreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, proposed to make a second investigation on the origins of COVID-19 exactly like the US demands.

China’s response to such an unfair and unjust investigation is very simple – No.

To investigate, the WHO needs to obtain the consent of the relevant country in advance. In the face of sovereign states, international organizations like the World Health Organization cannot do what they want, even a powerful force like the US asks so.

The US pushing politicization of traceability of the origin of the COVID-19 is already obvious. The pandemic itself is no different from any other excuse the US uses to politicize a normal issue and to suppress the potential competitor. To this extent, unless the whole traceability of the origin of COVID-19 can be faithfully performed like the US directs, or the US leads farce of the second traceability of the origin of COVID-19 can only end in two ways:

The first is that the US fakes a report by its intelligence agents to announce any result it wants to hear, then it incites and even forces its allies to officially recognize and promote its investigation and results along with massive news from the media.

The second is that China firmly opposes the secondary traceability and receives responses from some countries which see through the tricks from the US, and they might back China up to maintain a fair, just, and scientific result.

According to reports, after Tedros Adhanom Gherbreyesus made some remarks against China on 15 July, permanent representatives of more than 40 countries in Geneva sent a letter to him asking for a correct view of the problem and not politicizing the traceability work. Other neutrals will also understand even if they don’t clearly support it. Therefore, without fully conducting the primary traceability of other countries, China’s firm opposition to secondary traceability will not have any serious negative effects.

As early as 21 April, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin emphasized, “China conducted joint traceability scientific research with WHO at the request of WHO. Many international experts have stated on different occasions that the laboratory leak is extremely impossible. There is no so-called difficulty in obtaining raw data. All parties should respect science and the opinions and conclusions of scientists. In this regard, the WHO should play a leading role in particular.”

This set of words is sufficient based on reality and investigations, from April to August, there is no problem at all.

Some media try to hype about the UN major change in position about the origin of COVID-19 to show that it pushes China to accept the second traceability, or China faces serious political judgment in the international society. However, such a misinterpretation is based on Farhan Haq, the UN Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General at the press conference on July 23, and he only spoke a few sentences in total without implying so.

“China has rejected the World Health Organization’s (WHO) plan for further investigations into the origins of COVID-19. Does the Secretary-General have any comment on China’s rejection?”

“Well, regarding this, as you’re aware, it’s the World Health Organization that’s in charge of this process, and we’ll leave them in charge of how this investigation is carried out.  We implore all Member States, including China, to cooperate fully with the World Health Organization, and if the World Health Organization believes it requires further information, we hope that they will all cooperate.”

It can be seen that in addition to hopes and pleadings, the spokesperson just pushed the matter back to the WHO, which is very different from the alarmist hype from the media. Of course, the UN knows how much the US wants to play politicization of the origin of COVID-19 this game to mess up with China, and it also knows the embarrassing situation between the two permanent members of the Security Council once it chooses one side. The UN’s standing by is not the best solution at this moment, which gives the US a chance to be more irrational and aggressive but it also shows to the world how recklessly the US can do to realize its ego.

As mentioned earlier, as long as China disagrees with secondary traceability, then a new investigation cannot be established, and intermediaries will not turn to the United States because of this. So let’s take a step back and look at it. If it is really traceable again, and under the interference of the United States, the investigators who have been bought and manipulated will use any tricks they can to make it full of crap. From this, the international society can see the evil nature of the so-called second traceability.

Moreover, the Wuhan Institute of Virology actually has long-term cooperation with American research institutions. If the US really wants to say what kind of virus is “made”, the United States itself will have to fall into it.

The second story is the so-called leakage theory, which believes that the virus is not man-made, it was retrieved from the laboratory from nature, but leaked due to laboratory misoperation, leading to an outbreak. This sounds possible, but there is no evidence at all.

In laboratories that operate strictly in accordance with regulations, all virus samples retrieved from the wild should be documented, and even if the investigators who are bought out want to plant it, it is difficult for them to squeeze in. More importantly, there is no evidence of China’s early cases due to the Wuhan lab. The US can try hard to reach this conclusion, but it has to clearly explain its mysterious outbreak of lung injury disease around its notorious Fort Detrick laboratory months before the COVID-19 occurs in China, which has dropped so much attention recently.

Surely, the US won’t make a big and deep investigation about the connections between Fort Detrick laboratory and viruses, which is inevitable to publicly reveal the dark and dirty history of the lab related to Japan’s Unit 731 and to expose the details of information about biological experiments it carries on for all these years. The US doesn’t have confidence and is not dare to do so since the investigation will only end badly and make the international society focus on its real misconduct and sins rather than a fake story about China.

It can be said that the “secondary traceability” in the United States looks lively, but in fact,  no matter how the US tries to implement it, it’s only a matter of fake news, and what China will do?

Like a poem Jing Gang Shan wrote Chairman Mao:

Below the hills fly our flags and banners,

Above the hilltops sound our bugles and drums.

The foe encircles us thousands strong,

Steadfastly we stand our ground.

Already our defence is iron-clad,

Now our wills unite like a fortress.

From Huangyangjie roars the thunder of guns,

Word comes the enemy has fled into the night.