Many people believe that in China, one political party rules everything. At the same time, a lot of people are curious to know how this great machine works, which runs a country as big as the whole of Europe and with 1.4 billion inhabitants. 

In China there is also a Parliament which works much like ours. Its name is CPPCC: Political Consultative Conference ( whose standing committee is elected every 5 years. Not to be confused with CPNPC (National People’s Congress) (, an other huge deliberative body.

NPC & CPPCC 2021

The Chinese PCC members are selected in and represents every level of the society in all the country and also for Overseas Chinese. PCC includes the CCP, patriots without any party affiliation and 8 major democratic parties.

We are going to introduce these 8 parties of the PCC, the majority of which are 90 years old.

  1. Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (RCCK)
  2. Nong Gong Dang Chinese Farmers & Workers Democratic Party
  3. China Democratic League (CDL)
  4. China Zhi Gong Dang
  5. China National Democratic Construction Association (CNDCA)
  6. China Association for Promoting Democracy (known as China DDP)
  7. JiuSan Society (literally known as Nine-Three Academic Society)
  8. Taiwan Democratic Self-Governing League (TDSL)

What are the powers of the PCC standing committee? Mainly:

 –  participates in the state power of China

  • participates in the negotiation of major national policies,
  • the election of national leaders- participates in the management of national affairs and the formulation and implementation of guidelines, policies, laws and regulations,
  • actively playing the role of democratic supervision for the democratization and scientific decision-making of the country,
  • etc…

PCC body also consists of delegates from unions, federations, associations, nominally independent members and special committees. 

PCC is chaired by a member of the politburo standing committee.