The digitalization of education in China is advancing in depth. In the past, education informatization only targeted a certain teaching link, and new technologies were mainly used to link resources; in contrast, education digitization has deeply applied big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to transform the whole process of education.

Recently, China’s leading smart education service provider, Yunsizhixue, held a product launch event and officially released high-quality homework solutions, as well as smart classrooms, after-school services, and other products.

Smarter and more refined homework correction

Homework is an important part of education and teaching, and also an important source of students‘ burden. In the past, due to the lack of targeted questioning means, though students had repeatedly gone through countless exercises, many of them had limited understanding.  

Teachers are equally burdened. With a class of 40 to 50 children, it took hours for the teacher to complete the manual review. The mastery and application of knowledge of students, and the data after correction are also difficult to form a systematic analysis, so the teacher’s impression of the homework assessment weighs more.

„After the introduction of artificial intelligence technology and big data, the situation is different.“ Fu Xiaobo, principal of Changfeng Experimental Primary School in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, said in May this year that, for example, in the first class in the morning, the teacher used the Yunsizhixue system to assign a class assignment in class, which was corrected by manual and machine. Before noon, the teacher can get a report in hand: the class of 45 students, what problems have occurred when doing exercises, which questions are the high-frequency wrong questions in this class, what problems are implied behind the wrong questions, which knowledge points need to be consolidated again in class, etc. At the same time, teachers can also receive timely recommendations of topics that can be applied in the next class.

In addition to Changfeng Experimental Primary School, at present, Yunsizhixue high-quality homework has been applied in more than 350 primary and secondary schools in more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across China. All kinds of intelligent education products serve more than 650 primary and secondary schools nationwide, serving more than 500,000 teachers and students.

Liang Shuang, the product manager of Yunsizhixue, introduced at the press conference that Yunsizhixue’s high-quality homework solution includes modules of a highly accurate homework database, high-quality homework design, multi-terminal data collection, multi-dimensional learning analysis, high-quality supervision, and management, etc. Relying on industry-leading AI, big data, and other technologies, and the massive high-quality question database, video explanation, and other content resources accumulated through years of research and development, Yunsizhixue promotes the digitization of the whole homework process.

The highly accurate homework database has 30+ multi-dimensional refinement labeling and follows the new 2022 version of the curriculum, with over 580 million intelligent question banks, including over 13 million precise title banks, which, combined with the digitization of district-based and school-based homework, can significantly reduce teachers‘ homework design selection time and fully meet teachers‘ needs for accurate and efficient question selection, adaptation and creation.

Build a complete intelligent teaching environment

What if students get distracted when they are bored with limited opportunities to ask questions in class? The teacher’s teaching assistant in the classroom plays a clever role in the big smart screen. The random roll call function can mobilize students‘ enthusiasm to participate in classroom teaching activities and allow every student to answer questions.

The smart classroom is a solution that integrates the teaching assistant on the big screen, the teacher’s workbench on the PC, and the intelligent learning terminal for students, which is a one-stop solution to meet the needs of teachers for lesson preparation, teaching, homework, and evaluation. Different schools can flexibly choose different combination modes according to their needs.

Yunsizhixue learning resource center has 120,000+ high-quality courseware, 580 million large question banks, 13 million+ high-quality question banks, 1 million+ micro-lesson videos, 130,000+ fun interactive exercises, and 1600+ subject drawing board tools to help teachers complete lesson preparation efficiently and individually.

Empowering teachers to develop multi-functional skills

The supply of after-school services needs to break the barrier between school and society and introduce quality resources outside the school. At the press conference, Yunsizhixue officially launched the „1+4“ after-school service solution, building a system of over 200 high-quality courses in five major fields and seven major themes.

„1“ is an after-school service digital platform, focusing on the demand side and supply side of after-school service, building seven business application ports including the education bureau side, school side, patrol side, teacher side, teaching side, parent side, and institution side, realizing multi-level interconnection of the district, school, family and institution, etc., and escorting the after-school service with platform ecological construction.

The „4“ is the four modules of after-school service, including rich and high-quality education interest and literacy courses, professional teachers‘ training, one-stop teaching service, and tailor-made special school programs.

Education technology responds to the needs of the times

In recent years, China has continued to promote basic education reform, and education technology companies should respond to the needs of the times, use technology as a lever to help build a new teaching and learning model, and crack the challenge of scaled teaching in schools and personalized learning for students.

In the field of technology, early education informatization realized the digitization and remote linking of resources through the emerging storage media and the Internet; while in today’s smart education construction, technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality have greatly enriched the teaching means and personalized teaching effectiveness.

Liang Shuang states that Yunsizhixue’s high-quality homework solution relies on industry-leading OCR text recognition, AI correction, and other technologies, with AI recognition correction speed within 1 second, topic coverage of more than 85%, and correction accuracy of more than 99.9%.

China’s education informatization construction has achieved fruitful results after decades of exploration, but smart education is iterating at an exponential rate, bolstered by the latest information and education technologies.

(Source: Yunsizhixue)